INIM Control Panel

INIM Prime 240L

Prime 240 L

Anti-intrusion control panel from 10 to 240 terminals, 30 areas, 6.2 A power supply

TCP – IP connectivity, optional GSM / GPRS connectivity and compliant with EN50131-6 and EN50131-3 grade 3.


With the Prime control panel, Inim Electronics has created a completely new, all-Italian platform with vast development potential.

This cutting-edge product is something completely new on the market and offers an advanced technology that is once again a point of reference in the security sector.

The Prime is available in 4 models (60S – 60L – 120L – 240L) capable of managing from 10 to 240 terminals, from 10 to 30 partitions and up to 4000 events in the memory.

The Prime is compatible with all existing Inim I-BUS peripheral devices and therefore allows easy updating of existing systems.

It is suitable for all contexts but finds its niche in application areas where customer and installer needs are more demanding. Residential applications, especially medium-high range, as well as commercial and industrial applications are to be counted among the typical applications of the Prime system, especially if connectivity is of primary importance.

The Prime is in fact natively managed by Inim Cloud thanks to the network card on board the control panel. So you can just connect the control panel to the installation router and it will automatically reach INIM Cloud, simplifying in a decisive way, and even cancelling, the procedures for connecting the control panel to the external world. Connection to INIM Cloud is not mandatory but guarantees a series of additional services for both the installer and the end user. Both will have Web access and will be able to manage their systems from any browser. In addition to Web access, the Prime allows real-time control and management of installations through Apps dedicated to the installer, InimTech Security, and end user, Alien Mobile. When the control panel is connected to INIM Cloud both Apps are able to provide push notifications to the installer or the end user with content characterization for the two profiles. Integrated LAN connectivity offers additional services such as NTP for automatic date/time updates.

Besides LAN connectivity, the Prime offers GSM/GPRS connectivity both for the connection to INIM cloud and for traditional signals (phone calls, SMS). Among the connectivity functions it is necessary to mention the PSTN interface on the motherboard that guarantees the sending of voice calls, and calls to traditional surveillance stations.

The Prime integrates a usable USB interface on the motherboard, as the LAN interface, for programming and monitoring of the control panel. Prime control panels are able to detect and manage a large number of events, not only alarms but also faults, tamper, code/key recognition and arming operations, in response to which it can activate visual/audible signals or messages (voice, telephone calls, SMS, e-mails with attachments or push notifications).

The Prime provides automation functions such as programmed arm/disarm operations, chronothermostats and activation and deactivation of outputs. Management of the outputs is enhanced by the possibility of dimming the 230Vac loads.

The Prime also has an optional LAN board, Prime/LAN, with webserver functions, graphic maps, e-mail and ONVIF video surveillance that make it even more complete. The Prime guarantees certified safety at maximum level.

The system complies with EN50131 Grade 3 and with EN50136 ATS-6: the highest grade also as an alarm communication system. It should be noted that thanks to its contextual user interface and persistent-alarm block, the Prime makes operations much easier for the end user.