Concept Keypad


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LCD Keypad with touch keys

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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keypad with backlit graphic display and touch keys for SmartLiving system control

This effective key-free system management tool makes it much easier for end-users to interact with their security systems.

The super bright, intuitive touchscreen permits fast access to all functions and consents to trouble-free control of the security system. The certainty of the superior technology embedded in this product is immediately apparent. Touchscreen control offers unbeatable accuracy and enhances reliability.

The easy-clean, glossy black casing with its attractive vertical structure allows this product to blend seamlessly with any décor. 4 ”Shortcut” keys, located directly under the graphic display, allow easy control of the system and also operate as “Emergency key duos”.

The Concept/G keypad is equipped with an input/out terminal and dislodgement and open-tamper protection devices.

There are two color variations: White and Black


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Black, White